Working on The Free City outline

I've made some good progress on my outline for The Free City. I've been working in Scrivener and using the notecards view to add each scene. Right now I'm into Part 2 of the book. I'm making some substantial changes from the old version, including the removal of a giant unnecessary digression that was chapters & chapters long. Eeegads... 

I am really stoked on how this is going, though. The last time I touched this story was a few years ago. I must have leveled up since then, surely--because now things just seem so clear. It  helps a lot to have an existing draft to work with; I'm not having to create something out of nothing. It is the same story, it's just getting whittled down to the essentials and having all the extra b.s. stripped out of it, and having a few things added. Actually, it is kinda cool to realize that my instincts about the story I want to tell have not changed.   But the execution will be a damn sight better this time around!

Since I removed the giant digression, the time frame has been shortened, so that my current biggest worry is... er... trying to figure out how to get one of my main characters laid by two different people in the span of 24 hours. Right now I'm not sure it can be done. I may have to postpone lay #2 until later in the story. LOL!