Wednesday writing wire - "funner" edition

What I'm reading

I've finished Move Your DNA and am close to finishing The Female Man. I'm going on vacation next week and haven't decided which books are coming with me yet.

What I'm writing

I'm slowly but surely plugging away at The Free City. I've run out of decent draft material to work from, and have entered what I'm calling "complete crap territory"--which means total rewrites of scenes, or even total refribulation of story events. So it's going slower than it was--but I'm still moving forward. I'm more than halfway through what used to be "Book 1". Soon I'm going to throw Main Character #1 at Main Character #2. #1 will then ruin #2's life, and things will only get funner from there. ("Funner"! Hahaha...)


What else I've been doing

DRILLING FOR BLASTING played two shows last week. We counted 'em up and we've played ten shows in 2014 so far. Not bad!

Also, the cats think they've found a better use for my snare drum case.

What's inspiring me right now

The hubs and I are going to the Music Box Theatre tonight to catch two Japanese films noir: Drunken Angel (the first collaboration between director Akira Kurosawa and actor Toshiro Mifune) and Stray Dog (the second, I think). I'm stoked!