Wednesday writing wire: birthday edition

What I'm reading

I'm reading The Cockroaches by Jo Nesbo, in which a Norwegian detective who has a problem with booze is sent to Thailand to investigate the death of the Norwegian ambassador who has been found with a knife in his back in a brothel. It's pretty interesting so far. I learned that the Storting is the Norwegian parliament, and that tuk-tuks are these miniature taxis that are everywhere in Thailand (and many other places in the world).

What I'm writing

Still working on the outline for The Free City. I got a lot done over the weekend and I expect to finish it up in another day or two. After that, it'll be time for Actual Writing. *whip cracking noise* I'm excited to take my fave characters outta the box and let them overthrow the government. (In my story, NSA people. In my story!)

What else I've been doing

This weekend was my "birthday weekend" heheh! Last year I had a party and we cooked bbq ribs and brats, but this year I kinda just wanted to chill out. D and I had a pique-nique at Montrose Beach. We brought a baguette & a wedge of brie, some salami & prosciutto, sekritly disguised red wine, and a bottle of sparkling water. (Seriously, how stupid--not to mention insane--is it that we could have totally brought guns, but had to sneakily pour our wine out of a Kleen Kanteen? At least we are "older", hence less suspicious-looking, hence less likely to get hassled for it. Not that we aren't tattooed freaks... but we were eating brie!) On the way home, we stopped at Lutz's Bakery and had slices of cake (Black Forest for me and Napoleon for D), along with fancy coffee served on a silver tray.

What else: Ate barbecue at Fat Willy's. Went to see "Snowpiercer". Ate a whoopercheesie & a chocolate malt at Superdawg. Yes... I like food. I very like it. I usually try to avoid wheat & minimize sugar, but this weekend all bets were off. (If I ever stop doing ninja training, I may find myself in deep trubble.) 

What's been inspiring me


On Sunday I stopped by Bucket O' Blood Books & Records, our local independent book & record store, and got a lovely surprise. They have my book displayed on a top shelf, all special-like! How cool is that?