i made a picture frame

Forgot to post about this before, but I spent most of the 4th of July weekend making this frame for my Bataan Memorial Death March certificate, photo & dog tag (with a lot of help from the hubs), out of some pieces of walnut he had lying around in the shop. We cut the mat, cut the glass, prepared the wood to be all the same thickness using a joiner, planer & table saw, cut the rabbet & a small profile using hand planes, cut the miters, cut biscuit joints & glued the frame together, sanded it, then applied 2 coats of Danish oil, & finally put in the contents & added a wire on the back. It was a *lot* of work & it ain't perfect but I'm super stoked at how it came out. 


If you're wondering what all the stuff in this picture frame is, go read My Big Bataan Post.